The company BMZ

belongs among the foremost Czech manufacturers of moulds, tools and patterns for the casting of metals and moulding of plastics. The company was founded by experts having many years of experience in the respective fields of technology.


The company has the following main fields of activity:

  • manufacture of moulds for vacuum moulding of plastics. These tools are of wood, resin or metal. As reguested by the customers, the moulds can be equipped with tempering and evacuating openings
  • tools and moulds for compression moulding, injection moulding and casting of plastics, chill moulds for pressure casting of aluminium, and other similar products
  • manufacture of moulds for the moulding of foamed polyurethanes. The moulds can be made of epoxy resins, aluminium or special metal alloys. To the client´s order, the moulds may be fitted with built-in tempering. The supplies can include mould carriers, and possibly also compressed-air or hydraulic moulds controls. Bipartite and tripartite split moulds are manufactured. For the most part they are intended for the motor-car industry (head-rests, seats, arm-rests and other foamed components of vehicle interiors)
  • machining of metals (milling, turning, drilling, polishing and other operations)
  • development and design work, including consulting services in the fields of tools, moulds, patterns, foundry and engineering production
  • manufacture of moulds for ROTOMOLDING


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